Graphic Equipment Roster of the Katy's streamlined Texas Special equipment

MKT E-8 55C on train No.5 at Muskogee, Ok 1959

MKT E-8 53C unknown location, maybe Muskogee or Efaula, OK

MKT E-8 107A waiting to be serviced at San Antonio, TX 1952

Train 6 The Katy Flyer at Eufaula, OK on 05-14-61

Last run of the Texas Special at Denison, TX on 7-1-65.

MKT E-8 54C at Parsons. KS in the early 1960's

MKT E-8A at Muskogee, OK in 1963

MKT GP-7p at Dallas, TX in the late 1960's

MKT Alco PA 154A at Wagoner, OK in the 1950's

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