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M-K-T / Katy Caboose
ALL Steel Caboose - Series 6 - 30 / Orig. 1001-1025

K.B. King Jr / R. Jackson Collection, Ft. Worth, TX - March 1966

The 6-30 series cars were the first all steel constructed caboose for the Katy. These were delivered in 1949 painted Sloan yellow and numbered 1001 - 1025. A few would survive till the end in local and work train service, at least two were donated for display. Some were retired with the steel underframes, side and roof panels used in constructing the last cabooses built at the Denison Car Shops in 1981. These would be center cupola cars numbered 200 - 214.

From the Caboose Corner series by J.J. Pitts, in the September 1989 issue of the Katy Flyer.

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