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Katy Flyer Index Page
** 1996 Major Articles Only **

A full index with employee updates, photographs, drawings, latest news, modelers info, etc.., is available from the KRHS, eMAIL for pricing.
March 1996
On Track, Former MKT Line Goes Back In Service, by Bill Pollard: drawing and text
..... 44 miles of former R.I. / OKT line operated by Arkansas and Oklahoma RR, p 2
Katy Depot Centennial: photos and text ..... about M-K-T Depot at Sedalia, p 3
Diesels of the M-K-T, Part V Section Two, by John Merman: photos and text
..... about Katy EMD GP39-2 and SD40-2 Diesel engines, pp 6-8
Amtrak Similarities, by J. C. Mc Daniels: photos and text
..... about similarities between Amtrak and Katy wrecks from track sabotage, pp 9-13
Historic Depot Faces End Of The Line: photos and text
.....about Moberly Union Depot facing demolition, p 14
By Bicycle and Bus (Baldwin City, KS trip), by Pete Hodges: photos and text
..... about visting Katy sites from Missouri to Texas by bicycle and bus, pp 10-14
June 1996
In The News, from the Herrington Times: photos and text
.....about proposed UP-SP Merger's affect on Herrington, KS, p 3
Mile Post, Celebrating A Century Old M-K-T Depot: photos and text
..... about 100 year celebration of the Katy Depot at Sedalia, MO, pp 4-5
Part VI, Diesels of the M-K-T, by John Merman: photos and text
.....about EMD GP 39-2 diesel engines purchased from Kennecott Cooper Co., pp 6-7
Rail Facts and History, by J. M. O'Brien: text only
..... about early railroad contsruction, standard times and government tariff rates, p 7
New Life for M-K-T Freight House, by Don Banwart photos and text
..... about relocation and restration plans for M-K-T freight house at Ft. Scott, pp 8-9
The Humpbacked Brige at M.P. 644.4, by Jay and J. C. Essary: photos and text
.....about history of 1907 continuous pour concrete bridge near Durant, OK, pp 10-19
Early Cabooses of the Katy of Texas, by Jerry Pitts:Photos and text
..... information on wood sheath cabooses of the M.K. and T. of Texas, pp 20-22
September 1996
Willaim Crush's Smashing Idea, by Jerry Pitts: photos and text
..... about the staged head-on crash of 1896 at Crush, TX, pp 3-6
Head-On Train Collision Stunt: by Frank Barnes: photos and text
..... accounting of event by fireman on one of the engines, Frank Barnes, pp 7-8
Part VII, Diesels of the M-K-T, by John Merman: photos and text
..... about EMD GP-40 diesel engines, ex-Conrail and Penn Central units, pp 9-10
East Meets West On Abandoned Katy Right OF Way, J.W. Holem: photos and text
..... opening mid-point section of Katy Trail, linking Sedalia and St. Charles, pp 11-13
New Track For Old Franklin: Katy Roundhouse revisited: photos and text
..... about New Franklin Katy Campground on the Katy Trail, p 14
Engine 142 Restoration, by Baldwin Midland Champion: photos and text
..... about restoration of ex-Katy RS-3M on Midland Railway, pp 16-17
Riding the Half-Century Unlimited, by Ellen Sweet: photos and text
..... about Dallas hobby shop and Hallmark Models owner Bobbye Hall , pp 18-19
Milepost 119, Railroad Days in De Leon, by Frederick G. Schmidt: photos and text
..... recalling activities at De Leon, Texas on the Katy's Texas Central Line, pp 20-22
December 1996
Katy Engine 142 Dedication, by Cris Cruz: photos and text
..... about formal dedication of restored ex-Katy RS-3m on Midland Railway, pp 4-5
The Old Katy Bridge, on the Neosho Division, by Ted Fuller: photos and text
.....about ex-Katy bridge near Junction City, Ks on original mainline, pp 7-8
Part VI, Diesels of the M-K-T, by John Merman: photos and text
..... about EMD GP-38AC diesel engines, ex-I.C. units, p 9
The Wildcat Whistle, by J.C. Gresham photos and text
..... about steam whistle and railtrips for football games in Temple, Texas, p 10
Firing An Engine In Old Days Called For Brawn and Endurance: photos and text
..... from M-K-T Employee Magazine, recollections of a Katy Fireman, pp 12-13
Bridges On Katy Trail Saved, by Don Banwart: photos and text
..... about converting ex-M-K-T railroad bridges on Katy Trail, p 14
Make Tracks to Smithville for the Katy House, by Jean Simmons: photo and text
..... review of bed and breakfast in Katy Railroad motiff, p 16
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